• System Administration

    System Administration

    System administration has been an aspect of most of my roles during my career. Currently I manage workflows on both Nintex Automation and WMTek Site Stacker at my workplace. In my prior position I administrated a Moodle-based education site, managed files and records on a Sitecore instance, and managed an email server, where I performed…

  • Software Developer

    Software Developer

    I create and manage software applications, primarily web applications. I code in C# and script in PowerShell, and I write SQL code daily, both in single statements and stored procedures. I also use two workflow and form automation tools, Nintex Automation (formerly K2 Five) and WMTek Site Stacker. In the past year I have developed…

  • Technical Support

    Technical Support

    I worked supporting end users directly for nine years. I have provided technical support and training to people working around the world with their computers, phones, email accounts, and other software. I’m deeply familiar with all modern versions of Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu, as well as Android and iOS. On these operating systems, I’ve helped…