Technical Support

Missouri State University User Support used Atlassian JIRA to track support interactions. Below is some aggregate data from JIRA during my time there. Mouse over any of the thumbnails below to see my total for a given semester compared to the top 20 or so employees.

Spring 2012Spring '12 Fall 2011Fall '11 Summer 2011Summer '11 Spring 2011Spring '11 Fall 2010Fall '10 Summer 2010Summer '10

These graphs show that I was consistently at or among the top for ticket entries every semester, which represents both my work ethic and commitment to thorough documentation.

JIRA Total

Technical Editing

I created or contributed to the following guides on the Missouri State University Experts wiki

I also created a full help system on how to use CCleaner.

Video Production

Animation examples can be viewed here.

Most of my videos can be viewed on my Youtube Channel. Below are several productions I've worked on which can't be found there.

The Gateway (2011) - Director
(Password is "lagateway")

Drifter (2012) - Production Mixer

Simulation 319 (2011) - Co-Cinematographer

The Duel (2011) - Actor