I completed a Bachelor of Science in Mass Media—Digital Film Production with a minor in Technical Writing at Missouri State University in May 2012.

Below is a transcript of my classes organized by discipline.

Bachelor of Science in Digital Film Production

Technical and Professional Writing

My technical writing minor featured classes that covered everything from design principles to software skills. ENG 321 and 421 focused on document design, usability testing, and type design, while ENG 377 covered document revision, grammar, levels of edit, and audience analysis.
ENG 321 Beginning Technical Writing
ENG 377 Scientific and Technical Editing
ENG 421 Advanced Technical Writing
JRN 270 Introduction to Journalism
Other media classes
MED 120 Mass Media & Society
MED 204 Mass Media Theory
MED 274 Intro to Film
MED 325 History of Broadcasting
MED 374 History of Film
MED 581 Issues in Media Ethics

Software and Computer Science

The ENG classes taught how to use different software (Adobe RoboHelp, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and FrameMaker), while the CSC classes focused on the basics of programming using a specific language (C++ and Processing). CSC 365 covered Web languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the DOM, and PHP. I designed six different websites throughout these classes.
ENG 373 Writing with Technology
ENG 473 Writing with Technology II
CSC 111 Introduction to Computing
CSC 125 Introduction to C++
CSC 130 The World of Computer Science
CSC 365 Internet Programming

Film and Video Production

My education in film production began with simple sound recording and video capture. It then turned toward using the different technical aspects to enhance the storytelling process. Later classes focused on large projects with in-depth critiquing throughout the entire process.
MED 361 Introduction to Sound Recording for TV and Film
MED 365 Media Design and Production
MED 465 Principles of Cinematography and Editing
MED 562 Digital Filmmaking
CGP 160 3D Modeling and Animation (taken at Missouri State University - West Plains)
Other classes
AST 115 Basic Astronomy
COM 115 Public Speaking
ENG 110 Writing
GLG 110 Principles of Geology
HST 103 World History to 1600
HST 122 American History Since 1877
JRN 407 Media Law
MTH 181 Trigonometry
MUS 175
- 475
Marching Band (4 years)
MUS 175
- 475
Concert Band (4 years)
MUS 374 Stage Band
PED 100 Fitness for Living
PLS 101 American Democracy
PSY 121 Introduction to Psychology

Creative and TV/Film Writing

While screenwriting is, in many ways, a technical type of writing, it is also a form of creative writing. The screenwriting classes taught the structure, business, and art of writing a script, treatment, and pitch. The other three classes were more for narrative writing as an art.
MED 464 Genre Writing for TV and Film
MED 565 Screenwriting
MED 566 1-Hour Television Writing
(taken twice for credit)
ENG 215 Short Story Writing
ENG 500 Advanced Non-Fiction Writing
LLT 180 Hero and Quest